HI, I'm Nicole. This was originally only for The Little Yankee things only (See rules below) But, I also wanna make this a little more personal now. I'm sixteen from New York and I bleed Pinstripes.. Get to know me! I love fellow Yankee fans because there the only people that will get me.. I don't bite!

Welcome to the original "Little Yankee Things."

Put your favorite "little things" about OUR favorite team, the New York Yankees in the ask or submit boxes. The things that the die hard fans love to see, the thing only die hard fans would understand. And i'll make text images of each for all
to see and reblog! This is the site where we keep it simple, just like baseball!

"God, I hope I wear this jersey forever."-Derek Jeter

I'd like to thank everyone for all your support! I always follow back :) • Ask me anything
The Little Yankee Things.