lol what are we talking about baseball season isn’t over

this is an encore of yesterday’s game

lol and tonight at 6:30 there’ll be a pregame with bob and jack and kim will come at 6:45 and tell us lineups

and then at 7:05 they’ll cut to the stadium and michael’ll be like “up next…lineups,…

Dear all you HATERS in my school,

Yes.. I am in a bad mood today because the Yankees lost. It’s stupid that a game controls my mood? Well it’s not a game to me. Yeah, maybe I get a little to attached to something I have no control over.. But you know what, It keeps me going.. you all have you favorite foods, or you play an instrument, or the band that sings your favorite songs, or even a pet.. maybe that’s what you have there for you when you have a bad day. I have the Yankees to keep me going. When all YOU people are being assholes I still have the Yankees. So yeah, I did get upset and maybe I did almost cry because I love MY team. I love every person on it and I love the game. So if you have such a problem with it.. Take a number and get in line. I’m done hearing that Arod is a dick, or that Jeter’s too old now.. Or that C.C isn’t enough anymore. There god damn good to me. Sorry that it brings me a little bit of happiness to turn that game on at 7:05. But I’d like to see how you’d feel if you couldn’t do your favorite thing for almost five months

I think that at the end he was start getting into it and enjoying it. I feel for him because he went through tough times this year and he hung in there. At the end he shined like a star, like the star that he is. Besides that, if he comes back, we will wear the same uniform again. If he doesn’t, I will wish him the best. I will love him no matter what. My love for him is unconditional.
Mariano Rivera on Jorge Posada (via shutupantah)


They worked so hard this year. And when the hard work doesn’t lead to what you want, which is a World Series, it’s disappointing.

But it’s not just the fact that we didn’t win it all.

It’s the fact that the Yankees are one of things that keep me going. They keep me happy. Now their season is done. It’s finished.

And now I have to worry about the off-season. Jorge might be retiring, players may leave. 

You watch a team for so long and they become a part of you. They’re like your family. 

And some people may say it’s “just a team” or “just a game”. But it’s not for me. This is my life.

So yes, I do get emotional.



All I could think about on the bus ride home was Jorge and I swear to God, I was thisclose to sobbing. 

I can’t even imagine the Yankees without Georgie. 

He’s always been there. And just… this could be it for him.


I am so proud of all he has done. I love him so much. I’ll always love him.

Oh no, here I go. stop crying stop crying stop crying

I love you Jorge. I love you.



When I think of Jorge, I just see a big smile. He’s always smiling and giving love to his teammates. He have a big heart and he’s such a great human being. I’m really proud of him ‘cause he’s Puertorican and here in PR we love him a lot. Thanks for all the great years, championships and memories. I’ll miss you, Po. Keep that smile, always.

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